Physical Exams

In the first office visit with one of the AIMS physicians, after the extensive intake, the physician will do a comprehensive physical exam on you.

The physical exam will include:

  1. Your “vitals”: Blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse and Respiration
  2. Getting your weight and if pertinent your waist size
  3. Checking your thyroid gland
  4. Listening to your heart
  5. Listening to your lungs
  6. Doing other exams particular to your chief complaints—whichever body organ or system you have concerns about will be closely analyzed.

These exams will be recorded in your chart and be repeated in the future depending on what is being treated.

On all follow-up visits, we will always get your “Vitals,” which is standard for most doctors offices.

AIMS does other specific exams, as well:

  1. Pap smears—Dr. Morstein and Dr. Mayer do yearly exams for women, which include vitals, physical exam and gyn exam. Gyn exams can be run through your insurance.  Oftentimes we include urinanalysis, yearly blood work, mammography, and perhaps Dexa Scan for bone loss, in these important yearly check-ups. If, however, you are over 30 years old, in a monogamous relationship and are HPV (-), you only need to do a gyn exam every three years.  However, it is still important to get your bloodwork and mammography on a regular basis.


  1. Vertebral evaluation—Dr. Hernandez is skilled at analyzing your neck, thoracic, hips and spine for fixations that might be causing you chronic pain and ergonomic imbalances.


  1. Pediatric Exams—Dr. Morstein and Dr. Mayer both see pediatric patients and can do full exams of children, including measurements for growth, length and age charting. This can include filling out school athletic forms.


  1. Acute exams—AIMS physicians see patients both for chronic and acute diseases. Our physicians can examine you when you are ill to ensure we pick up strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infection, or any other acute illness.  Please consider coming to AIMS if you are acutely ill as naturopathic physicians can usually help patients fully recover without the need for any antibiotics.

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