How to Order Supplements

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Hello, Everyone! You know that AIMS clinic recommends the highest level of
quality products that are also safe and effective. Although AIMS works to keep
costs down, and we appreciate patients who refill supplements through us, we
understand patients may look around the internet for savings, too.

There are two ways to purchase the supplements that are valuable to your

  1. AIMS LOYALTY CARD AT AIMS: When you purchase your supplements
    at AIMS, you are given a LOYALTY CARD. This is an amazing addition to
    the ways AIMS goes out of its way to benefit our patients, and we have
    received endless appreciation for us by our patients! For every $200 you
    spend at the clinic, you will receive 25% off on your next supplement
    purchase. That is a lot of savings! And, remember, purchasing
    supplements at AIMS means no shipping or handling fees. The LOYALTY
    CARD must be in hand at time of discount and supplements bought with
    the card are not added to your new LOYALTY CARD.
  2. AIMS LOYALTY CARD BY MAIL: When you purchase supplements by
    mail from AIMS, if you live too far away to drive, AIMS only charges the
    US Postage fee to ship them to you. There is no handling fee or any
    excess fee. We will apply that purchase to your LOYALTY CARD.
  3. Fullscript Distributors—this is our new supplement distributor and AIMS
    believes you will find Fullscript easy to use, and very economical.
    Ordering from Fullscript means you will have only one shipping cost. To
    order all your supplements from Fullscript, please follow these directions:
    **Click on this link:
    **Click on the button above.
    **Enter in your full name, email and create a password for yourself—you
    only do this once and then can login afterwards.
    **You will automatically be directed to the Product Catalog where you can
    search for products you want and purchase them.

By using one of those methods above, you can get the highest quality
supplements prescribed by a physician who has intimate knowledge of your
health history. Substituting other products may work as well, or be as safe.
Having the ability to chose how you wish to purchase your supplements makes it
all the more simple and convenient.

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