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Environmental carcinogens are now being recognized even in standard care. This article on Medscape discusses the different types of environmental toxins, where they occur and what cancers they are associated with causing, (including microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and trematodes). Main toxins include radon, asbestos, metal ions, organochlorines, polycyclic aromatics, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides. They also list ultraviolet light, but I am not a believer that sunlight alone causes cancer (I believe it is the oxidative effects of the diet and the lack of anti-oxidants in the body which is more important). Make sure your life and home and food are as green as possible. Don’t smoke or hang around someone who is doing so.  Work with your naturopathic physician to ensure you are preventing cancers from developing via analysis of your diet, lifestyle, exposure history to environmental toxins. For the full article click here.

– Dr. Mona Morstein

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