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Every now and then it is great to save a couple bucks on your herbal supplements by purchasing the store brand bulk bottle that will last you 3 months. Unfortunately a study has been released that is proving that the herbs that are advertised “In the bottle” are actually nowhere to be found. In fact, the tests found rice, tropical plants, mustard, wheat, and other ingredients in Walmart’s ginkgo biloba…with no trace of Ginkgo Biloba. Make sure any supplements you take are cleared through your doctor before you waste your money on these fake products.

PHOENIX — Instead of the pricey dietary supplement pills you believe
contain ginkgo biloba or echinacea, they could be filled with rice and
other non-herbal plants.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office released a report on
supplements sold at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC stores in New
York State. The same pills are sold in Arizona.

Lab tests of store brand St. John’s Wort at all four stores found “…no St. Johns Wort DNA identified…” in the pills.

The same was true for tests of store brand ginkgo biloba pills. 

Walmart’s echinacea had “…no echinacea DNA…” and “…no plant material…” or herbs at all. Its makeup was unclear.

“I wish it surprised me, but it doesn’t,” Dr. Alan Christianson, a naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale, told 3TV.

“The generics unfortunately are often selected based on cost of raw materials, not on purity,” he added.

He blames the problem on the pill manufacturers, looking to pinch pennies.

“It’s troubling on a lot of levels. These are not expensive herbs.
They’re not the things that cost huge amounts for the raw materials,”
Dr. Christianson said.

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