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A new study has come out from Denmark showing that giving White Men statins drugs increased their risk of developing diabetes by 46%! 46%! That means that nearly half the men getting a statin drug developed diabetes. Standard care docs are still trying to convince the public that the cardiovascular protection offered by statin drugs over-shadows the occurrence of diabetes, but I think that is just hitting your head against a wall, and having Big Pharma bandage it up, overĀ and over again. People with diabetes have 4-6x the risk of heart attacks and strokes than people without diabetes, so putting a patient on a statin to protect them from heart disease, and then having them wind up with diabetes is a ludicrous catch-22: “We want to prevent a disease in you and will give you a drug, which really increases the risk you get of another disease which has an even higher risk of causing the disease we want to prevent now.” Of course, there are many naturopathic modalities used to lower lipid panels, including cholesterol, which is what statins are designed to do. There are a few instances where statins have good science showing they are useful. But, for all patients, naturopathic care without statins is a safe, viable, effective protocol, and it also lowers the risk of diabetes, too!

– Dr. Mona Morstein

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