Got Off Diabetes Medicines…

quoteSue and I were fortunate to attend a seminar some years ago given by Dr. Morstein on the subject of diabetes. We had both recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and were given medicines to control it. We were interested in what we could do holistically to stop taking medicines and have our blood sugars get under perfect control. We both began seeing Dr. Morstein and she was able to get us off our medicines and have our glucose control become as good as non-Diabetics. We are proud to say that five years later we remain in good glucose control and prescription-free.

Suzanne Dreyfus and Sue Fimmen

Thanks For Helping with Health…

quoteThank you for all of your help with my health issues this year. I appreciate your thoroughness, care, and patience. You are a terrific doctor and deserve much respect!

Susan Hendricks

Cured Intestinal Infection…

quoteAround 1990, my MD diagnosed me with an intestinal infection and has scheduled me to have surgery. A friend suggested I see Dr. Morstein. After my treatment plan with Dr. Morstein I felt better; even chronic heartburn I had for years was gone. I went back to my other doctor, and he repeated his tests. My MD wanted to know what I had done because my infection was totally gone and he cancelled the plans for surgery. Needless to say, Dr. Mona as I have come to call her, over these twenty some odd years is MY TRUSTED PHYSICIAN. If you want a Doctor that’s truthful, cares about you as a individual, is more than willing to take the time to listen, and knows her business, then you want Dr. Mona Morstein.

Anita Montgomery

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