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Dr. Morstein’s Speaking Schedule 2017

Speaking all over the Place!
Dr. Mona Morstein is a highly respected physician and as a result has been invited to speak at many conferences this year. She is considered a diabetic expert in her profession and also a specialist in gastroenterology and female health care and nutrition. She is considered to be a dynamic, entertaining, organized lecturer who has profound knowledge about her subjects.


April: Take Back Your Life Summit
Dr. Morstein was invited by Dr. Heather Yost to be interviewed along with 22 other nationally well known physicians, discussing how Dr. Morstein treats patients with chronic auto-immune conditions. You can access the SUMMIT here: (active link)

April: Naturopathic Physician News and Review Journal: “The Etiological Risk Factors For Type 1 Diabetes
Dr. Morstein was published in this medical journal discussing the scientifically associated risk factors for development of Type 1 Diabetes. The more we know the risk factors, the more medicine can work to prevent the occurrence of T1DM.

May: Arizona Association of Naturopathic Physicians: “Diabetes and the Skin”
In this lecture, Dr. Morstein discussed diabetes and how it can present on the skin in various dermatological conditions. Dr. Morstein discusses best way to prevent diabetic skin conditions and the most effective ways to eradicate them through comprehensive integrative care.

June: Seroyal Supplement Company Webinar: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Dr. Morstein discusses inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease and microscopic colitis. She discusses how these intestinal conditions present, and how they are addressed in conventional care. She also then discusses how a naturopathic physician will approach these, using comprehensive integrative medicine to do specific medical testing and treat using natural medicines from many different categories.

Dr. Morstein was invited to be an expert speaker in the SIBO Summit with 24 other national and international experts on Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Dr. Morstein discussed how she approaches SIBO and her methodology for step by step treatment that has been consistently successful with SIBO patients. You can access the Summit here:
(active link)

July: Naturopathicl Medical Students Association: “Medicine, Mistakes, and Motivation” and “Nutritional Extremism”
In these two lectures for medical students, Dr. Morstein discusses how making an error in medicine, always to be strongly avoided, can be, if it does occur, a motivational tool to become a better, more knowledgeable physician.

In the second lecture, Dr. Morstein discusses the problems with medical nutritional extremism, whereby a person believes that everyone needs to eat a certain way. In reality, a true expert in medical nutrition understands that every patient must be analyzed and treated individually, as their own unique person, and that a diet must match their specific needs.

July: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Advantage: Treating Diabetes With Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
Karen Richards of BCBS of AA and Dr. Morstein met at the quarterly meeting of the Arizona Diabetes Coalition, as both are members. Mrs. Richards was impressed with the work Dr. Morstein is doing with the Low Carb Diabetes Association and invited her to speak for an hour to BCBS workers at the Phoenix office.

September: Webinar: Using Naturopathic Medicine Nutrition To Treat Medical Conditions
In this on-line webinar, Dr. Morstein will go over treating dozens and dozens of medical conditions using comprehensive naturopathic nutrition and supplementation. Designed for medical students and physicians, anyone will be able to access this talk via the website listed.

October: Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
In this lecture, Dr. Morstein discussed diabetes, the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and how a patient with diabetes can protect themselves from ever developing CVD through comprehensive integrative care.

November: National University of Natural Medicine: Insulin Intensive Seminar
In this two day seminar, Dr. Morstein will teach medical students and physicians how to best use insulin with all types of diabetic patients in all sorts of conditions: basal, meals, corrections, exercise, sickness, treating hypoglycemia, and so forth. Dr. Morstein goes over syringes/vials, pens, pumps and CGM systems.


March: Arizona Association of Naturopathic Physicians: “Treating Menopause”
Dr. Morstein did a webinar on menopause, instructing physicians about this transitional time in a woman’s life, and how to protect her against osteoporosis, and treat menopausal symptoms using naturopathic care including diet, supplementation and bioidentical hormone therapy, as Dr. Morstein is an expert in those medications.

June: National University of Natural Medicine: SIBO Symposium
Dr. Morstein spoke at the Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth Symposium in Portland, OR, with other world-wide renown speakers. She lectured on the importance of correct interpretion of complicated SIBO lab results.

October: National University of Naturopathic Medicine: “The Comprehensive Integrative Approach To Diabetes”
In this two-day seminar, Dr. Morstein instructed medical students and physicians on how to treat all types of diabetes using comprehensive integrative care, including how to analyze patients with lab tests and physical exams, and how to successfully treat them through multiple integrative methodologies.

November: Arizona Association of Naturopathic Physicians: “Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease”
In this lecture, Dr. Morstein discussed diabetes, the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and how a patient with diabetes can protect themselves from ever developing CVD through comprehensive integrative care.

November: Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America Tucson Branch: “The Comprehensive Approach To Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease”
Dr. Morstein spoke to patients with IBD on a webinar, discussing with them how naturopathic medicine analyzes and treats IBD.


At the recent SCNM Student Gala, attended by 275 people in the Scottsdale Performing Arts Theatre, Dr. Mona Morstein was awarded the Most Outstanding Physician for SCNM students, even though she no longer works at SCNM.

Dr. Morstein was given the award due to her earnest efforts to keep student’s education topnotch, and has been active in having students shadow her in her AIMS clinic, has taught her classes to students outside the school, and has students come to her home twice monthly to discuss clinical cases.

Even though Dr. Morstein is not at a teaching institution, she still loves to teach and is committed to creating a new generation of passionate and excellent naturopathic physicians.

Dr. Morstein Wins AANP President’s Award!

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the national organization of licensed naturopathic physicians, had their yearly naturopathic medical convention in Bellevue, WA, the week of August.

There is a big banquet and dance the last night, at the end of the conference. There were around 600 people there. During the banquet there are each year four awards gifted to worthwhile individuals in or associated with the naturopathic profession:

1. The President Award–for the person who is renown for being the most influential naturopathic physician

2. The Champion of Naturopathic Medicine–for the person who has written, acted in a way to expand, explain the project naturopathic medicine.

3. The “Vis” for the person who best represents naturopathic medicine.

4. ND of the Year–for the person who had the best achievements in helping naturopathic medicine. The awards are not chosen for what a person has just done in the last year, but mainly what they have done over many years, as a representative of our profession. I’ve been a physician for 23 years and it was a great honor.

Why was I given the President’s Award? Well, I am considered to be the leading expert of Diabetes in Naturopathic Medicine. I am the leading speaker at naturopathic conferences on diabetes. I put on a two day seminar teaching physicians and medical students how to best use insulin. I run the largest naturopathic email list in the world. I’m a respected educator and clinical supervisor at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have a solid medical practice where patients fly in from around the world to see me.

As all of you might relate to, it’s nice to plug away year after year doing the best you can, out of our own passion for doing the best you can, and then out of the blue, have others acknowledge publicly your value and worth to your profession. It feels great!

Diabetes Specialty Product is Available

Dr. Morstein is an expert on diabetes. She has worked intensely with diabetic patients for 22 years, and is the leading speaker on this condition in the naturopathic profession. Dr. Morstein had been frustrated for a long time that there is no high quality diabetic product on the market, where one can simply take a multiple vitamin/mineral and fish oils and then ONE product which covers all diabetic needs. In association with the renown company Soma Labs, Dr. Morstein has formulated the BEST diabetic product in existence. It contains supplements to help lower insulin resistance, protect against diabetes complications, reduce damage to the body from high blood sugar, help glucose numbers come under control, protect the liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, brain and blood vessels from harm. The product is called “Diamend” and you can purchase it through any innovative physician who treats diabetic patients.

Insulin Intensive Seminar now a webinar!

Dr. Morstein’s Insulin Intensive Seminar of June, 2012, was a highly lauded and praised two day affair by all attendees. It was recorded as a high quality webinar and is now available for medical students and seminars to take, in the comfort of their own homes. It costs $395 and is with 15.75 (14.25 PHARM) continuing education hours.

This two day seminar is a comprehensive learning experience. It teaches everything about using insulin in all its different forms, and with all included accessories. It will teach viewers how to start and change insulin doses, both basal and bolus, with all types of diabetic patients, all ages. It also discusses how to deal with patients on insulin if they are pregnant, pediatric patients, ill, exercise, or travel. It also teaches how to correct hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia promptly and efficiently.

Here is how it works:

In order for customers to access the presentation, they will need to create a free account on our website at After they have created an account and logged in, they will be prompted for payment ($395) when they click on the course. After they have submitted their payment information, they will be granted immediate access to the course which includes a .ZIP file with all of the course handouts, a link to the video from day 1, and a link to the video from day 2.

The videos can’t be downloaded, but must be viewed using the media player that is embedded in the webpage. You can link users directly to the video by using this address; they will be able to see the description and price even if they have not yet created their account:

Once they have viewed both videos, receiving CME documentation is simple. All that is required is that they complete the feedback questionnaire that is offered at the bottom of the course page. Once the feedback questionnaire has been submitted, a “verification of participation” link at the bottom of the page is unlocked. Clicking on this link will automatically create a .PDF of their verification form, which they can save and print.

You can watch only bits at a time and review sections you’ve already watched. You can contact Dr. Morstein if you have any questions.

Naturopathic Physicians OWN diabetes — we (and other alternative standard care physicians) are physicians who organize their practices to create the time to work with patients. We also have the knowledge of diet, exercise, lifestyle, motivational interviewing, supplements, drugs and medicinal knowledge to pull it all together for patients. Learning about insulin is a vital component of that.


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Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Dr. Mona Morstein has been a leading speaker in both the first SIBO Summit and in the Second SIBO Summit. Interviewed by Dr. Nirala Jacobi about SIBO treatment, Dr. Morstein shares her expertise on many aspects of SIBO and effective SIBO treatment. Listen to his delightful and informative podcast. Here is a link to the SIBO Doctor Podcast and specifically to Dr. Morstein’s interview.

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