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A new study was reported today showing that water fluoridation was associated with significantly higher rates of hypothyroidism in England. Of course, we fluoridate our water in nearly every city in the US, and we have a rampant problem with hypothyroidism in our population. Why is fluoride a problem–Fluoride ion is a halogen, in the same column in a periodic table as iodine. This means that if you ingest a lot of fluoride it can interfere with lower levels of iodine functioning in your body and iodine is the key mineral used to make thyroid hormone. Many MDs do not properly diagnose hypothyroidism as they use archaic reference ranges in judging blood work. The physicians at AIMS use the reference ranges which are correct interpretations and also listen to patients to see if they have any symptoms or signs which indicate thyroid problems. If you are tired or have water retention or cannot lose weight, or have female problems, or other chronic symptoms, its good to come to AIMS for an in-depth analyzation. To read the full study click here.

– Dr. Mona Morstein

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