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When most people envision a mushroom they see a brown tasteless fungus that many people just do not trust and/or enjoy as a food. What many might not realize is how jam packed with essential vitamins and nutrients mushrooms really are. Not only are mushrooms amazingly healthy for you they have a unique ability to match the flavor of the food that you are cooking with them. SO take a leap of faith one day if you are a non-fungus kinda person and give the mushroom a shot. Your overall heath will thank you for it later we promise!

Mushrooms are not the most appetizing of vegetables based on appearance, but don’t judge the veggie by its cover.

are actually filled with many good nutrients and are a tasty addition
to meals, imparting a fifth taste sense called umami, a savory, hearty

Mushrooms are a very low calorie vegetable, which makes
them a great option if you’re aiming to lose weight. One cup of raw,
sliced mushrooms contains about 20 calories.

They are a good
source of potassium, and some varieties also contain selenium and
copper. Mushrooms also contain significant amounts of riboflavin,
niacin, and panthotenic acid, three B-complex vitamins. The B vitamins
help release energy from the fat, protein and carbohydrates in food.

Mushrooms that have been exposed to sun or ultraviolet light prior to or
after harvest can also be excellent sources of vitamin D.


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