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One of the best indicators that you’re having a great day is the feeling that your energy is high, steady, and that overall you feel good and can enjoy accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Maybe it’s that you bounced out of bed that morning, or sang in the shower. It could be that you didn’t need that extra cup of coffee at 3pm, or that you were able to sustain a solid conversation or play games with the kids after dinner.

Now, how often do you have that feeling? Or more importantly, do you remember the last time you felt that way? It’s normal to have periods of time where life gets so busy that our energy has to be directed into specific tasks, or that we might be overtaxed and tired as a result. But if you’ve been feeling lackluster, or low energy for a long period of time and can’t seem to get out of that funk, it could be time to address your energy levels more proactively. Try exploring these tried and true methods of protecting and bolstering your energy levels.

Breathe for Energy

While it is a common reaction to stress, shallow breathing prevents the body from receiving enough oxygen and, in a short period of time, depletes the body of energy. Often, we don’t even notice that our breathing has become quick or shallow until we’re already anxious and exhausted. The trick is to be proactive and mindful about your breathing every day so that you can recognize and respond appropriately when you need to.

One powerful and simple breathing technique I recommend is:

Sit down on a chair with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes, and press the tip of your tongue against the ridge behind your upper teeth. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a soft sighing sound. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven, and then exhale through your mouth for a count of eight.

Repeat for a total of four breaths.

Short High Intensity Exercise

Ideally about a half hour of exercise, three times a week can help you increase your energy and motivation. And some of the best kinds of activity for revving up your energy come in short bursts of high intensity movement. Whether you choose to take a HIIT class that focuses on interspersing bursts of cardio and strength training, or you decide to get outside on your lunch break for a brisk walk, swinging your arms and moving vigorously, those bursts of exertion will help you rev up your engine and keep you going for the rest of the day. Extra points if these activities happen outside, where you get the additional energy boosting effects of being in nature and getting healthy doses of sunshine!

Stay Hydrated

Think of it this way: your body is about 60% water so if you’re dehydrated your body won’t be able to function as well as it should – and it will tell you so. Headaches, lethargy, dry mouth, irritability, these are all signs that you need to hydrate. When your body is hydrated, your blood can more easily carry oxygen and nutrients to where they need to be and that results in a lift of energy!

Remove Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is an energy depletor!  It causes a sugar rush and then an energy crash. It interferes with your liver’s ability to detoxify. It weakens your adrenals. It causes yeasts to overgrowth in your gut, giving you brain fog and sleepiness after meals.  It causes nutrients to leach from your body. It is highly proinflammatory, all over the body. It can lead to prediabetes and diabetes, and weight gain. All in all, there are few more problematic things to ingest than refined sugar.  Common terms for sugar include: fructose, high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, cane sugar, sucrose, honey, agave, coconut nectar, turbinado sugar, brown sugar.

There are some sweeteners that are okay, and do not wear down your body and brain.  First, try eating food; blueberries are very sweet! Eating a fruit a day can certainly reduce a sweet craving.  Eat more protein—if you are not getting in good protein, your blood sugar can drop and you can crave sweets as a result.  Don’t graze! Eat three larger meals a day with good protein and fat. Last, try natural sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, xylitol, erythritol, inulin, and combination products like Swerve, or Truvia.

Get Good Sleep

Having energy during the day means getting good sleep at night.  Sleep hygiene requires we go to bed before midnight, get off our phones and computers to allow our brains to more easily fall asleep, turn off most lights in our homes at night to allow the hormone that initiates sleep to be secreted. We should have a dark room, and keep our devices out of it. We should strive to get 6-9 hours of sleep a day but not less than 6 and not more than 9. Investigate sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder that can drain you of energy and set you up for serious health conditions,  if you are 1) tired all the time, 2) overweight, 3) snore a lot, 4) have a sleep partner notice your breathing is irregular. Rejuvenating the body and brain with solid sleep allows one to feel great energy throughout the day.

Maintaining healthy energy levels can be challenging when faced with the stresses of everyday life, but these tips can help you rev up your engine and keep you humming a happy tune all day long. If you still find that your energy levels seem lower than usual, or you are having difficulty sustaining your energy levels over time, you may need a closer look at what is going on and we want to be there to help. Book an appointment to visit us and let’s help you get back to your energetic self. Call us at 480-284-8155.

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