low carb diabetes associationDiabetes is a world-wide epidemic. There are 29 million Americans with diabetes and around 87 million prediabetic patients; nearly one out of every three US citizens is a pre or actual diabetic patient. One out of every four seniors over 65 years old is a diabetic. There are 300 million diabetic patients throughout the world. And the statistics keep getting worse and worse! The American Diabetes Association unfortunately while being a worthy organization does not have the mindset to truly prevent and treat diabetes due to their lack of focus on comprehensive integrative medicine. The diet the ADA recommends is high carb, and their treatment modalities include only medications and drastic bariatric/metabolic surgery.

Given her success, Dr. Mona Morstein, in her endless quest to prevent diabetes throughout the world and ensure all diabetic patients are succcessfully treated, is the Founder and Executive Director of the 501(c)3 non-profit the Low Carb Diabetes Association at

The Low Carb Diabetes Association (LCDA) is a nonprofit organization committed to educating patients, caregivers, medical practitioners, businesses and the world-wide community about using comprehensive integrative medicine to prevent and successfully treat all types of diabetes, enabling patients to live long, healthy lives without diabetic complications.

Our focus is on teaching “The Eight Essentials┬«”

1) Low Carb Whole Foods Diet
2) Exercise
3) Sleep
4) Stress management
5) Healing the gut and the microbiome
6) Environmental detoxification
7) Supplementation
8) Medication

These categories of treatment empower people to overcome the worldwide diabetes crisis and be victors, not victims, of diabetes.

The Low Carb Diabetes has a great Board of Directors including NDs, MD, DO, and a non-physician ballerina who has T1DM.

It is free to join the LCDA and there are expert interviews, video lectures and a twice monthly newsletter that will consistently enhance your knowledge of diabetes and how to treat it with comprehensive integrative medicine. The LCDA has many plans for growth in the future! If you, or a loved one, or a friend is a diabetic patient, please JOIN the LCDA and become one of those committed to eradicating this condition from planet Earth.

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