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Rhodiola Rosea may Have Potential use as Depression Treatment

A Study led by Jun J. Mao, MD, MSCE, associate professor of Family Medicine, Community Health and Epidemiology and colleagues at the Perelman School of Medicine of University of Pennsylvania. Shows promise towards assisting over 19 million Americans that suffer from major depressive disorder. Rose-root is also showing promise as it is showing better results

Division I college athletes may have low vitamin D levels

A study at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) recently released a study that has found a correlation between vitamin D levels and muscle power, force, velocity and optimal bone mass. This would mean that men would be at an elevated risk for having Vitamin D deficiencies. A new

High Fructose Corn Syrup Now to be Labeled as Fructose or HFCS-90

The Corn Refiners Association has found a new and sneaky way of getting high fructose corn syrup into your foods without you knowing it! The mind boggling thing being that this new “Fructose” actaully contains about TWO times the amount of pure fructose as the original high fructose corn syrup. The high concentration will inject

Vitamin D may be Increasing Mortality Rates

As research has come down the line we have come to know that low levels of Vitamin D can be detrimental to our overall health. A new study has found also that high levels of Vitamin D an be harmfull to our bodies as well. “If your vitamin D level is below 50 or over

Abaloparatide Found to Lower Fracture Risk

Lead investigator Paul Miller, MD, medical director of the Colorado Center for Bone Research in Lakewood, Colo. is investigating the viability of a new investigation drug that is reducing the risk of fractures in osteoporosis patients. “Abaloparatide is a new humanmade form of human parathyroid hormone-related protein, a naturally occurring bone-building hormone, according to its

Environmental Carcinogens and Conventional Care

Environmental carcinogens are now being recognized even in standard care. This article on Medscape discusses the different types of environmental toxins, where they occur and what cancers they are associated with causing, (including microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and trematodes). Main toxins include radon, asbestos, metal ions, organochlorines, polycyclic aromatics, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides. They

Dr. Morstein Diabetes Interview

Dr. Mona Morstein is a well known naturopathic expert in diabetes.  Listen to this podcast where Dr. Morstein is interviewed by Dr. Tursha Hamilton, a naturopathic physician who Dr. Morstein mentored when she was at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. Morstein discusses using naturopathic medicine to diagnose and effectively treat diabetic patients. Click Here

Statins and Diabetes

A new study has come out from Denmark showing that giving White Men statins drugs increased their risk of developing diabetes by 46%! 46%! That means that nearly half the men getting a statin drug developed diabetes. Standard care docs are still trying to convince the public that the cardiovascular protection offered by statin drugs

Fluoride in the Water

A new study was reported today showing that water fluoridation was associated with significantly higher rates of hypothyroidism in England. Of course, we fluoridate our water in nearly every city in the US, and we have a rampant problem with hypothyroidism in our population. Why is fluoride a problem–Fluoride ion is a halogen, in the

In chronic heart failure, monitoring calcitriol may help prevent death

Researchers determine that patients’ calcitriol and PTH(1-84) levels at baseline. They found that serum calcitriol levels decreased markedly according to heart failure severity, and that decreased ratios of calcitriol to PTH(1-84) were significantly related to heart failure severity. With plans in the works to conduct a larger study to confirm the findings we will be

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